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Clinical Medicine - Caring for the Sick

Loving Our Neighbor As Ourselves

Fellow Man International is a non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to the service of the poor in Honduras. It is our mission to share love and hope through works with those who are impoverished both in body and spirit

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Agriculture - Feeding the Hungry

Agriculture Project - Feeds the hungry addressing the devastating effects of malnutrition. A majority of the produce from this project helps support a grade school lunch program.

Trade Store - Making protein available in exchange for local produce instead of cash.  The project's grocery store also eliminates the need for travel to the valley below, selling basic necessities for only ten percent above cost.  

Medical Care for All Regardless of Ability to Pay
Providing for the medical needs of a population of over 120,000 impoverished people living in the remote mountains of Northwestern Honduras.

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Green Parrot
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Your money makes a difference in the lives of the hungry and under-served people in the rural mountains of Northwestern Honduras.

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