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Lisa Armstrong is a registered nurse and the administrator of the Fellow Man International project. She founded the project in 2000 with the help of many generous donors including churches, Rotary clubs and interested individuals in the United States who believed that the greatest expression of love for one's fellow man is charitable work aimed toward self-sufficiency and development for the benefit of the poor. She represents the interests of both the Fellow Man International Foundation and the Honduran non-government organization Projimos Internationalistas.

The Dream

I first became familiar with Honduras in 1988 after having become acquainted with some very fine Latin American students who were working toward advanced degrees at Kansas State University. After a life-altering experience in Honduras, I returned home sure that something had to be done for the many nameless and faceless people living beneath the shadow of an unbelievable oppressive poverty. I remember asking my Honduran friends what they would do if only they had the resources to change their country. They had many answers, but little hope that there would ever be sufficient financial assistance to make a real difference. I dedicate this work to the glory of God and pray that my dear Honduran friends might be pleased when they find I truly listened to their thoughts and ideas all those many years ago. This project is the realization of their dreams.

Autonomy and Self-Sufficiency Only when the project is self-sufficient will the dream be fully realized. I was devastated to see a great "brain drain" among the best and brightest Honduras had to offer. Because of lack of living wages, opportunity and insecurity many of those who could truly help their country were forced to find residence in other countries. It is my most cherished desire to provide competitive wages for qualified Honduran professionals that they might be afforded the opportunity to help their own people. This goal is an ambitious one, but with the help of the Fellow Man International Foundation, development projects such as Green Parrot Coffee and the cooperation of professionals within Honduras I believe it is possible. Above all things, my hope is to achieve self-sufficiency for the project. At such time, I will wave goodbye with much joy in my heart, leaving this work of God in the hands of those Honduran professionals who have the heart and vision to ensure the sick always have access to quality medical care and the hungry a bite of bread.

"What so ever you do to the least of these my brothers and sister, you did unto me."


December 2016,

I can hardly believe it has been nearly 18 years since I stepped onto that airplane in search of God's will for my life. I was seeking to experience the love of Christ, but found it only when I began to try to love others in the way Jesus loved. To experience and know the flesh and blood Jesus through service has been the greatest gift of my life. It has literally saved me. This gift would never have been possible were it not for all of you who made the "dream" a reality by giving so generously. Thank you so much.

When I reflect on the many blessings that have been bestowed upon the Honduran people in the name of faith through works, I feel more convinced than ever that Christ's true message was one of profound hope. It is a hope born out of His love that transcends all circumstance and momentary suffering. It is a hope that never fails, refusing to give in to the worldly pains of hunger, sicknes and the illusion of loneliness. I can say with all confidence there are thousands of people living in those mountains who have come to also know the flesh and blood Jesus who loved so much He felt compelled to give His life. We may never be able to solve the problems of poverty in Honduras. But, to continue to proclaim the message of Christ's love through works to all who seek refuge through the mission reminds me that where there is love, there is hope!

"And now, these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

- Lisa


Lisa's Blog


As often as possible, I will try to write about my experiences in this place. Perhaps it will help you to understand our struggles. Perhaps it will help me to know that I am not alone in those struggles. It is my belief that the face of Christ is visible on a daily basis in the eyes of the poor. I would pray that these short stories and observations bless you as the experiences have blessed me.