Projimos Internacionalistas
Fellow Man International Foundation
Projimos Internacionalistas is a Honduran non-profit, non-government organization dedicated to the service of the poor.  The organization has three primary areas of focus which are the following:

*  Medical Services

Agricultural Services

*  Educational Support

The board of directors for Projimos Internacionalistas is comprised of Honduran professionals who have long histories of providing services to their fellow man in need regardless of ability to pay.  Projimos works very closely with several Honduran institutions to assure cooperation and effective project coordination and planning.  Those organizations include:

* Honduran Ministry of Health

* Honduran Ministry of Education

* Honduran Institute for Coffee (IHCAFE)



The Fellow Man International Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. It was created for the purpose of providing financial and professional support to the Honduran non-government organization Projimos Internationalistas (Fellow Man International of Honduras).

The Board of Directors is comprised of professionals who are highly achieved and expert in their respective fields. The FMIF Board is working diligently to assure long-term, ongoing, financial support that will provide for the current and future needs of the project. For more information, feel free to contact us.
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Who Is Our Neighbor?
Green Parrot Coffee

"Love Your Neighbor As Yourself"

Both Projimos Interncionalistas and Fellow Man International derive their names from the biblical principle of loving the Lord and loving one's neighbor.  Projimo  means neighbor in the biblical sense in Spanish.  Both organizations take an ecumenical approach to implementing these principles in daily life.  It is our desire to share love, hope and compassion with those who are poor both in body and in spirit through charitable acts of kindness that empower those in need and do not foster dependency.   

Compassion in Every Cup

For every pound of coffee purchased at Green Parrot, a significant portion of the profits are donated to Fellow Man International.

Green Parrot Coffee  wants to make a difference in the lives of coffee workers who live in the project's service area.  Our promise to the coffee workers includes: providing a living wage, profit sharing, the elimination of child labor, supporting education and finally the promotion of community development.  Only through the economic development of the area can things truly change for the people of the mountains of Buenos Aires.  find out more